Middle School

Registration for 2024-25 is now open!

** A completed registration includes: Registration form, Signed Continous Enrollment Form, Registration fee, and copy of birth certificate.
Encouraging students to strive for academic excellence, St. Francis Xavier offers a wide range of learning opportunities allowing the Middle School students a chance to develop a life with strong Christ-centered values. The core classes offered including Language Arts, Social Studies, Religion, Math and Science set the foundation for success and for a commitment to faith.
A set of Encore classes helps to grow the students’ knowledge and become more well-rounded though Project Based Learning. This set of classes also opens the students to creativity with Music, Technical Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Latin, Art and Band to help grow their minds and enhance their skills as a creator.
There are several after school activities that are offered as well that are provided by St. Francis Xavier including Student Council, Knowledge Bowl, God Squad, Yearbook, social activities and a theater program. Students in seventh and eighth grades are also able to participate in extra-curricular activities hosted by the Buffalo Community Middle School.
For more information please contact Alisa Louwagie at 763-489-9227.

Saint Francis Xavier Middle School Philosophy

The philosophy of our middle school is to nurture the development of responsible, thoughtful, faith filled citizens by creating environments in which students are challenged to explore, to create, to make decisions, and to actively participate in, and be accountable for, their own learning.
Through education, we recognize our gifts, and develop our potential, and draw these out in others.
We are listeners for the voice of the Our Lord, who made us and who continually calls to us.
We strive to Reach these values:
  • Respect: Show respect to everyone equally
  • Excellence: Strive to do our best in all things: spiritually, academically, and physically
  • Awareness of God: Look for God in the ordinary events of everyday
  • Community: Using our God given gifts for the good of the community
  • Hospitality: Offer warmth, acceptance, and joy, in welcoming others
Click for information about 7th and 8th grade sports offered through an agreement with BHM Schools.