The History of Growth and Success at St. Francis Xavier School

Since 1937, St. Francis Xavier School has been providing children with a strong educational program to help them succeed in a faith-based life. What started as three teaching nuns from the School Sisters of Notre Dame educating sixty-nine students has grown to over 300 children being taught by twenty-eight teachers.

In 1960, the first expansion to the school was completed to accommodate the growing enrollment at St. Francis Xavier. Located across the street from the church at the time, the school expanded its playground area and added a kitchen and cafeteria which now allowed for hot lunches to be served.

St. Francis Xavier School’s state-of-the-art facility was opened in 2006 delivering the most innovative resources for children while creating a safe and secure learning environment. Now offering classes for pre-school through eighth grade, St. Francis provides its students with the opportunity to take advantage of extra-curricular activities including musical theatre, clubs, and after-school sports in coordination with the public schools.